Pesticides use/application

Application of Pesticides
(F.E.P.A -PA1 PA2 PA6)

A certificate of competence is required for those born after 31st December 1964 to undertake spraying operations. Anyone who undertakes contract work or supervises uncertified people must also have the certificate of competence. People over the age limit must also follow the code of practice.

Candidates will:

  • Learn how to use pesticides appropriately & safely & keep proper records
  • Understand how to store pesticides correctly
  • Learn how to clean equipment & dispose of unused or unwanted pesticides & containers
  • Cover procedures for dealing with contamination & poisoning incidents

Modules Available:

  • Safe use of pesticides – foundation module (PA1)
  • Hand held applicators (PA6)
  • Ground crop sprayers (PA2)
  • Other applications – misting & fogging etc