Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Target Group
All employees working within the company.

The aim of the course is to give employees a basic understanding of fire and fire safety. At the end of the course we offer a practical “hands on” session where trainees will be able to use an extinguisher and understand how it works. There will also be a demonstration (if possible) as to what happens when water is applied to a chip pan fire.

Course Content:

  • Triangle of combustion – what is required for a fire to take place.
  • Identifying sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen.
  • Ways in which fire can spread – Conduction, convection and radiation.
  • Methods of extinguishing fire – Cooling, starving and smothering.
  • Classes of fire – class A, B, C, D, and electrical.
  • Common causes of fire.
  • Fire detection/warning systems – brief outline on detectors and alarm systems.
  • Means of escape from buildings – escape routes and fire doors etc.
  • Providing for disabled people.
  • Good housekeeping – reducing fire risks through good management.
  • Fire risk assessments – brief guide.

  • Extinguishers – colour coding, what each extinguisher is used for, which extinguishers not to use for certain types of fires. – Practical session – if requested

A certificate of attendance is issued on completion of the course.